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20 December 2023
UIC Members attend the 103rd General Assembly
A year of progress in terms of accountability and recognising UIC’s added value
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12 July 2023
102nd UIC General Assembly
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14 December 2022
UIC held its General Assembly at the close of its centenary year
The main highlights included the new UIC 2023-2025 Work Programme, UIC added values and focus on regional activities
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28 September 2022
UIC and ONCF at InnoTrans in Berlin to promote the World Congress on High–Speed Rail to be held in March 2023 in Morocco
(20-23 September 2022)
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6 July 2022
UIC successfully held its General Assembly on the occasion of its centenary
The focus was on priorities for 2022, UIC added values, the “UIC Manifesto – Existing and future solutions for rail to serve the planet and people” and UIC global advocacy for rail
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8 April 2022
UIC Day held in Warsaw on 6 April
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15 December 2021
UIC brings its members together for its 99th General Assembly
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22 November 2021
UIC meeting on challenges facing North American railways
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25 October 2021
UIC meeting on the development of rail transport in Africa
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8 September 2021
Visit of new UIC President Krzysztof Mamiński to UIC headquarters on 3 September
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13 July 2021
UIC brings its members together for its 98th General Assembly
Key issues discussed include Research, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Standardisation, Sustainable Development and Ticketing (OSDM)
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17 December 2020
97th General Assembly held on 16 Décember 2020
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7 July 2020
UIC brought its Members together virtually for its General Assembly
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17 December 2019
Successful statutory meetings held from 9 – 11 December 2019 at UIC Paris
Focus on 2020-2022 strategic roadmap, digital, corridors, sustainability, standardisation, cooperation with third parties