Regional training centers

Regional Networks of Rail Training Centres

Regional Networks which are part of the International Rail Training community are drawn from the railway training organisations and companies to ensure that training professionals and technical experts participate in their activities. The core objective of the International Rail Training Community is to enhance the effective working of the different regional railway training markets, hence enhancing workforce development through sharing best practice in rail training across the entire industry.


Training experts employed at railway training centres and departments who manage or design, develop and deliver courses to the rail market in the different regions.


  1. Open dialogue between training professionals in the different regions and synergies at worldwide level
  2. Help on "who best to contact for advice"
  3. Get relevant information quickly
  4. Access the experience of colleagues in other companies and countries leading to more effective and speedier Training solutions
  5. Access Open courses
  6. Benchmarking activities and exchange of best practices
  7. Staff exchange programmes and study tours
  8. A platform for building external credibility and leverage within the market
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