Friday 27 October 2023

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The International Union of Railways (UIC) and the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) are jointly organising the 11th edition of the Market Place Seminar, focusing on developments to the transport corridors in Eurasia.

This year’s edition of the seminar will take place in Istanbul, Türkiye, on 20-21 November 2023, on the topic “Shaping the Future of Multimodal Logistics - Connecting the Regions”, with a specific focus on the middle and southern rail freight corridors. International organisations and private sector representatives will also be taking part.

The event will feature four themed sessions:
1. New opportunities in Eurasian trade from a policy and from an investment perspective
2. Business perspectives on the Middle Corridor – an agile transformation of the logistics industry
3. Business perspectives on the South Corridor – exploring new multimodal logistics solutions
4. How UIC’s and FIATA’s global networks bring tangible solutions to business challenges in the region

Because of its geographical location, Türkiye plays an indispensable role in the Middle Corridor, which runs from Europe to Central Asia and the Caspian Sea region, and is a promising alternative to existing transport corridors.

The UIC-FIATA Market Place Seminars provide a business-oriented platform for all stakeholders in the logistics chain, and encourage interactive and lively discussions on transport solutions and business opportunities.

The seminar will feature speakers from renowned companies in the logistics industry, railway undertakings, and corridor development organisations to discuss how to make the best use of rail freight corridor services.

Visit the dedicated website here.

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For further information, please contact Philip Van den bosch, UIC Deputy Director Freight, at

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