Wednesday 26 June 2019

The ATTI General Assembly was held on 4 June 2019 at UIC in Paris

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ATTI is the “Agreement on Freight Train Transfer Inspection” and organised as a Special Group at UIC. Currently, 118 European freight railway undertakings (RU), inside and out-side the UIC, adhere to the agreement which enables trains to be handed over from one RU to another without the need of carrying out an additional technical inspection.

The 2019 General Assembly was held on 4 June at UIC Headquarters in Paris, under the chairmanship of Mr Stefan Zebracki, DB Cargo, Germany. More than 40 RUs from all over Europe were represented. As a special guest, Ms Karen Davies from the European Agency for Railways presented the view of The Agency on ATTI and the role it can play in the framework of European railway legislation. In this context, she underlined that the mission of The Agency is to set the framework of what safety principles must be met but leaves the sector to define the concrete measures through which this can be achieved. For her, ATTI is a good example of how procedures can be appropriately organised within the safety man-agement systems of the sector and without compromising the traditionally high safety level of railway operations.

ATTI is creating a network of confidence among its members through a well-defined quality management system and so helps to identify those who guarantee a high level of reliability and those whose procedures would need further improvement.
The constantly growing membership is a sign that ATTI responds to the sector’s needs and represents a business case also for new-entrants and smaller RUs.

The focus on this year’s General Assembly was the further development of the QMS in the context of the collaboration with the expert group for dangerous goods (“RID experts”) and the “Operations Study Group”.

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