Executive board UIC

NameCompanyCountryTitleUIC position
Krzysztof MAMINSKI PKP Poland Chairman of the Board Chairman
Mohamed Rabie KHLIE ONCF Morocco Director General vice-Chairman
François DAVENNE UIC France   Director General

Coordinator: Karine Van CEUNEBROECK


NameCompanyCountryTitleUIC Position
Mohammed KHLIE ONCF Morroco Directeur Général Chairman Regional Assembly Africa
Christian MAGNI SETRAG Gabon Director General  
Malick KOUANDA SOPAFER-B Burkina Faso Director General  
Karim AYACHE SNTF Algeria Président  

Coordinator Regional Assembly Africa: Thierry BERA


NameCompanyCountryTitleUIC Position
Dongfu LU CR China Chairman Chairman Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly  
Nurlan Yermekovic SAURANBAEV KTZ Kazakhstan Chairman of the Board Vice-Chairman Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly  
Oleg BELOZEROV RZD Russia CEO, Chairman of the Board  
Tetsuro TOMITA JR-E Japan Chairman  
Byeong-Seok SON KORAIL South Korea Chairman and CEO  
Warwick TABOT Sydney Trains Australia deputy Executive Director  
Damdinsuren JIGJIDNYAmaa UBTZ Mongolia Chairman  

Coordinator Regional Assembly Asia-Pacific: Vincent VU


NameCompanyCountryTitleUIC Position
Francisco CARDOSO DOS REIS IP Portugal Member of the Board Chairman Regional Assembly Europe
Maris KLEINBERGS LDz CEO vice-Chairman Regional Assembly Europe  
Krzysztof MAMINSKI PKP S.A Poland CEO  
Gorm Frimmanslund EIM Belgium Chairman  
Andreas MATTHAE CER Belgium chairman  

Coordinator Regional Assembly Europe: Simon FLETCHER

Latin America

NameCompanyCountryTitleUIC Position
José Nicador VILLAFAÑE ALAF Argentina Chairman Chairman Regional Assembly Latin America

Coordinator Regional Assembly Latin America: Marc GUIGON

Middle East

NameCompanyCountryTitleUIC Position
Ali Ihsan UYGUN TCDD Turkey President & CEO Chairman Regional Assembly Middle-East
SaeId RASOULI RAI Iran President  

Coordinator Regional Assembly Middle-East: Jerzy WISNIEWSKI

North America

NameCompanyCountryTitleUIC Position
Barbara BARR FRA USA Chairwoman Chairwoman Regional Assembly North America
TBN - - -  

Coordinator Regional Assembly North-America: Marie PLAUD-LOMBARD

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Monday 19 January 2015

Forthcoming events

UIC Pacific web meeting series (Australia Pacific)
2021-09-09 18:30:00
Railway and Tourism: a Cultural Perspective
2021-10-26 19:00:00
UIC World Congress on Rail Training 2022
2022-05-20 19:00:00
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28 July 2021
UIC SAFIRST project presents its second technical report
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27 July 2021
UIC releases short version of video on OSDM (Open Sales and Distribution Model)
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26 July 2021
Pre-kickoff meeting of the UIC Taskforce on Extreme Weather Conditions held on 21 July
Efficient Cross Corridor Organisation
Biodiversity and infrastructure synergies and (...)
Low cost noise control by optimised rail pad