International Railway Safety Network

International Railway Safety Network (IRSN)

Chair: Guillaume Foeillet, SNCF
UIC Coordinator: Isabelle Fonverne

Meetings: 3 to 4 times a year.

The International Railway Safety Network is a subgroup of the UIC Safety Platform Steering Group (SPSG) with the goal of fostering safety for Railways, taking into account the operation process by:

  • exchanging safety experiences and backgrounds;
  • learning from each other;
  • facilitating good and trusting relations among railway safety experts.

Main results

  • Exchanges on Incidents/Accidents and prevention of SPADs
  • Exchanges on good practices
  • Evolution of safety culture, fair and just culture in railways
  • ILCAD – Level Crossing Accident Prevention
  • Simplification of rules
  • Safety Performance Metric Group
  • Falls from platforms
  • Innovation (VR) in railways
  • Distraction by new media and use of electronic devices

Benchmarking / Surveys for comparing safety practices in different companies:

  • Survey on railway accidents due to trespassing
  • Survey on shunting methods (technical and organisational measures)
  • Survey on shunting issues
  • Survey on prevention of railway suicides
  • Survey on measures taken to avoid collisions with animals on tracks
  • Survey on the mission and organisation of the safety department in different companies
  • Survey on Bridge Infrastructure requirements
  • Survey on Monitoring Safety of Railway Operations
  • Survey on permissive red signals
  • Survey on CSIs


UIC contact

UIC Coordinator: Isabelle Fonverne

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