Passenger Accounts and Ticketing Rules Inspection Committee

Project information

  • Acronym: PATRIC
  • Passenger Accounts and Ticketing Rules Inspection Committee
  • Project director: Marc Guigon
  • Project manager: Fabrizio Setta
  • Status: ongoing project
  • Project code: P000013

Project description

Cross-distribution of domestic and international tickets is based upon the multilateral agreements provided for by UIC Leaflets 918-1, 918-2, 918-3 and 301 and by the Special Conditions of International Carriage (SCIC) for different types of tickets. However, these transactions are not always underpinned by automated data exchange with the vendor system. Therefore, the accounts kept for certain types of ticket are based on subsequent uploads of sales datasets to international accounting systems in accordance with UIC Leaflet 301.

In this context, carriers trust that ticket issuers will correctly calculate and allocate the revenue they are entitled to from the sale of their tickets. In addition, they rely on the relevant conditions of carriage and tariffs being applied correctly and the agreed measures for revenue securing being implemented.

In order to ensure that the revenue resulting from such sales is distributed correctly, intermittent audits are carried out by the PATRIC Steering Board in accordance with the regulatory framework set out in UIC Leaflet 120. These audits must take account of the evolving competitive environment.


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Saturday 1 January 2005