Sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility is an increasingly important issue. It affects company reputation and decisions on financial support - but not only - provided by national governments. In many countries, there is a need to develop and improve transport and transit infrastructures with a complex network of connected high-speed rail, commuter trains, electric buses, monorail, street rail etc. In order to maintain the rail sector’s leadership worldwide, this should be implemented beyond the environmental focus and supported by an effective communication. For example, UIC & CER set out a Sustainable mobility strategy with targets for the year 2030 and a vision for 2050.

The UIC Sustainable Mobility Expert Network

The UIC Sustainable Mobility Expert Network provides strategy, guidance and leadership for UIC members on sustainable development in the railway sector. This expert network is particularly focused on door-to-door solutions and works closely with other UIC departments, such as the Passenger department, to provide the possible insights for members.

Door-to-door solutions project

In 2019, the sustainable door-to-door solutions project team launched a preliminary study on the topic in close collaboration with the consultant team from the Sustainable Development Foundation based in Rome and this report was shared with Members and presented during the Station Manager Group in Moscow in March 2019. UIC is now collecting best practices from its Members and following up with this fruitful project until 2021.

UIC Contact

For any further information please contact Marie-Luz Philippe

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Wednesday 3 June 2015