DIUM/NHM – Working Group

The NHM-DIUM group ensures the free flow of information between Railway Undertakings and their IT systems by being able to exchange harmonized data concerning the available locations for sending cargo (delivery points) and correct identification of the goods transported. This information is used in all Consignment Notes, Train Composition and HERMES 30 Messages.

Members of the NHM/DIUM group work in close collaboration with OSJD due to the interdependence of their coding between the two main Economic Areas of Europe and Asia. Without the work of the group, data may be not sent in an interpretable manner to the other part, thus slowing trade along the two economic areas
Additionally, the NHM group will start to seek avenues of collaboration with the World Customs Organisation to ensure further code harmonization.

In particular, the DIUM group is now working on populating Rail Freight Operational Points into the European Location Reference Database. This activity was identified as a critical enabler for the DP-RAIL project. The operational points must be uploaded to the EU platform for better performance and service reliability – as well as assuring TAF-TSI compliance.

The DIUM codes are published by the Freight Railway Undertakings twice per year in excel and PDF formats. lThis leads to data quality issues, particularly in light of duplicate and/or incorrect entries. In order to ensure the best data quality (and subsequently better service reliability) it is proposed to transform this process and the publication of the location codes (including border points) be migrated to a database. Reliance on excel spreadsheets can no longer provide the data quality envisioned in the DP-RAIL programme objectives.

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For any further information please contact: Parinaz Bazeghi

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Wednesday 19 October 2022