Operations - Working Group

Optimise your operations and increase the commercial speed and harmonisation, which increases interoperability and improves capacity.

Keep an eye on the implementation of novel technologies impacting operational activities, as well as procedures, standards and best practices. Being part of this work group gives you an opportunity to be heard and to actively engage in the creation of harmonised rules imminent for interoperable operations and technology deployment.

Join us and share the best practices which will make your rail freight business more interoperable.

We share the same goal - a rail freight system fully interoperable, performing at the highest levels of competitiveness.

Give your business a boost by means of harmonisation of all operational procedures, saving time and resources. Plus, enhance the efficiency, quality and reliability of all your services.

This work group focuses on identifying and harmonising all the rules which hinder seamless rail traffic plus offers practical insights and guidelines to ensure that you are compatible with, and capable of, handling all necessary regulations, standards and practices such as:

  • Operational rules - inspections, test & checks
  • International traffic - facilitating cross border procedures
  • Braking issues - distance, regimes, weight calculation
  • Train composition procedures - wagon types, axle loads
  • Train and infrastructure parameters - length, gauge, dimensions
  • Application of new technologies impacting operations - DAC

UIC Contact
For any further information please contact: Paulo De Freitas

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Wednesday 11 May 2022