Technical Transfer Inspection

Technical Inspection of Wagons - Working Group

Apply the same inspection criteria to determine the safe operations as your partners do.
UIC assists you in optimising the common/shared rules which facilitate the international freight traffic!

The uniform technical inspection criteria and procedures applicable to railway undertakings exchanging freight wagons are set out in Annex 9 of the GCU (General Contract of Use for Wagons). The work group focuses on optimising these rules to facilitate the international freight traffic.

International freight transport involves several railway undertakings, who are responsible for the safe train operations. Since railway undertakings check the technical condition of the freight wagons, all railway undertakings should apply the same inspection criteria to determine whether a wagon is safe or not. Without common criteria, the wagon keepers would not know if their wagon was accepted until it reaches its final destination.

This work group deals with:

  • General procedures for technical checks (where to check, competences needed, etc.)
  • Catalogue of technical problems relating to the safe operation of a wagon
  • Additional parameters that are relevant for the utilisation of transport loadings (such as distorted stanchions)
  • Error classes that show how severe the technical problem is
  • What happens if a specific technical problem arises - what will be the follow up procedure of an railway undertaking?

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Wednesday 11 May 2022