Direct Radio Link for Train Completeness Safety Check

Project information

  • Direct Radio Link for Train Completeness Safety Check
  • Project director: Marc Antoni
  • Project manager: Piero Petruccioli
  • Status: completed project
  • Project code: 2017/RSF/545

Project description

ERTMS level 3 is becoming an increasingly interesting solution for introducing ERTMS at minimal cost (regional lines) or at highest performance (crowded/urban lines with moving block). An essential safety function required by L3 is the safe check of Train Completeness (also improperly called Train Integrity) to be carried out onboard. The only credible technical solution to support the function in the absence of a cabled connection as in the freight wagons is via a smart, wireless solution. The worldwide railway standard radio system GSM-R is not suitable for supporting such function because of its functional limitations; a new solution is needed.

The project is fully in line with European strategy “Challenge 2050”, ERA long-term vision on ERTMS development where L3 is considered one of the “game changers”, as well as with Rail Technical Strategy Europe (RTSE).

There are no similar initiatives already ongoing.

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Sunday 1 January 2017