Energy Efficiency Best Practice Workshops

Project information

  • Energy Efficiency Best Practice Workshops
  • Project director: Jerzy Wisniewski
  • Project manager: Isabelle de Keyzer
  • Status: completed project
  • Project code: 2015/ENV/426

Project description

Energy efficiency has a huge potential for cost savings (for most railways a 1% improvement will normally save several million Euros per year) and also represents the most direct way to reduce CO‎2 ‎emissions and to secure strong environmental ‎performance in support of the UIC-CER Sustainability Strategy‎.‎ ‎In recent years a lot of successfully concluded projects have delivered promising results for energy efficiency ‎(‎Railenergy‎, ‎CleanER-D, ‎Energy consumption‎, ‎Parked Trains‎, ‎etc‎) and other important ones are ongoing (MERLIN, Shift2Rail). ‎What is in many cases lacking is practical implementation and optimisation in the field. ‎This project will develop best practice for energy efficiency through a series of workshops. These workshops will bring together experts to share experience, find solutions and overcome obstacles. The project continues a series of very successful and well attended energy workshops over the past few years.

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Thursday 1 January 2015