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Calculation of the payload limits for freight wagon

This program is based on the European Norm EN 15528. It provides the calculation of the payload limits of freight wagons for each line category. The calculation of the load limit tables with this UIC programme guarantees exact and optimised values for individual wagons taking the actual axle spacing into account.

  • The documentation of this program is included in its menus “help” and “open documentation”.
  • You need administrator privileges to install the software.
  • The language of the tool incl. the documentation can be set to English, French or German.
  • This software runs on machines with Windows 2000 and higher
Software: Calculation of the payload limits for freight wagon

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Contact person for software matters: Thomas Reichl -

For any request please contact us with the subject "Software: Calculation of the payload limits for freight wagons": UIC Contact form

UIC leaflet 700 10th Edition has been withdrawn but its technical content has been preserved with the publication of the technical report “Classification of lines. Resulting load limits for wagons”, available at the UIC shop.

For more information, please contact:

Rosa Deneb Casquero Soler
Head of the Infrastructure Unit

Tuomas Kaira
Senior Advisor Infrastructure

Jesús Palma
Junior Advisor Infrastructure

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Monday 11 March 2024